Black Widow Spray Bar Kit, No Bottle or Bracket

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Sting the competition with the DynoTune Black Widow Nitrous Kit. This kit is the most complete kit available. Made for high horsepower 4 cyl bikes, this kit will flow up to 150hp. Finally a complete universal kit made for any fuel injected 4 cyl motorcycle.

Custom fit your spray bar to your preference! Simply install the black widow spray bar, bend your tubing, cut to length and your done.

This kit is the ultimate in tuneablity. Designed for use with or without progressive controllers, this kit jets at the spray bar and at the solenoid for tons of fine tuning ability. Other spray bars do not work with progressive controllers due to poor design. if you mount jets at the spray bar, all the braided line and inside the spray bar acts like a reservoir holding the pressure. It will not pulse the pressure as it would take a second or two to bleed past the jets. By jetting at the solenoid the pressure will build much slower in the lines giving way more control of the nitrous coming out of the hole. Jet changes are now a snap! No more lifting the tank, simply swap the one jet on the solenoid.

Comes complete with a tubing bender, tubing cutter, extra tube, jets, black widow spray bar, braided lines, the list goes on and on(Plumming kit does not contain all parts, see parts list at bottom of page).


 NOTE: This kit requires the use of a programmable fuel device like a power commander or bazzaz. You must have the nitrous system professionally tuned before you use the nitrous!



 Kit comes with:

>Black widow spray bar with spacers and mounting bolt

>150hp nitrous solenoid

>solenoid bracket

> 3 jet settings

>5 stainless bendable tubes 12" long each

>4 tube nuts and sleeves

>1 foot -3an to -3an braided line to spray bar

>2 foot -3an to -3an braided line from solenoid

>4 foot -4an to -4an braided feed line from bottle

>electrical kit with wire, arming switch, etc

>tubing bender and tubing cutter

>-3an bulkhead fitting

Custom length braided lines are available, just call in your order or send us a note in the order.